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Admin All in One Commands
Commands list and help!

amx_armor <authid> <amount> -- gives Armor (max. 100)

amx_bury <authid> -- burys Player (can't move + has only knife)
amx_unbury <authid> -- unburys player

amx_disarm <authid> -- disarms player; It teleports them offscreen, removes their weapons, and teleports them back.

amx_fire <authid> -- Sets a player on fire with effects. Users can catch others on fire by standing next to them.

amx_glow <authid> <red> <green> <blue> <alpha> -- Examples: amx_glow @CT 100 100 100 20
amx_glow Tom 0 0 0 255 - removes glowing

amx_godmode <authid> <0> -- sets godmode on a player

amx_heal <authid> <life> -- gives health

amx_rocket <authid> -- Makes user turn into a rocket and explode in the air with visual effects

amx_slay2 <authid> [1-lightning|2-blood|3-explode] -- slays with FX

amx_teleport <authid> [x] [y] [z] -- Teleports to stored location or x y z
amx_userorigin <authid> -- Prints and stores x y z of player

amx_userorigin player -- Stores Players location
amx_teleport player2 -- Teleport Player2 to Players location
amx_teleport player 100 120 500 -Teleports Player to 100 120 500

amx_uberslap <authid> -- Slaps user 100 times 1HP at a time.

amx_weapon <part> or <team> <weapon>
Note: For <weapon> you enter the buy menu numbers
Also note that the client does not drop his current weapon
and can hold more then 1 primary (unless using shield, that may cause bugs and possibly server crashes) and secondary weapon

Giving user M4: amx_weapon <part> or <team> and <weapon> m4a1 = #43

If you are using STEAM, famas = 40, galil = 49 and shield = 87

amx_givemoney <authid> <ammount> - gives ammount of money
amx_takemoney <authid> <ammount> - takes money (Admins with immunity unffected.)

amx_gravity <value> -- sets gravity sv_gravity cvar. Players can also say /gravity to see what the current gravity is set at.

amx_alltalk <value> -- quick way to set the sv_alltalk value.

amx_stack <authid> [0|1|2] -- Places all players on another person, vertical, horizontal or both

amx_noclip <authid> <0> -- Gives a player no clip ablities.

amx_gag <authid> <a> [time] -- A = Gobal Chat | B = Team Chat -- Restricts use of in game chatting by a player for the time defined by admin.
amx_ungag <authid> -- Removes the gag and allows player(s) to chat again

amx_fire BigBall -- Sets player "BigBall" or "BigBaller" on Fire
amx_disarm @CT -- Disarms all CT
amx_godmode @TERRORIST -- sets godmode for all Terrorists

Download link: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> Sursa
Download link: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> Compilat
Download link: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
Daca o freci aiurea, intra-ti in mana!

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